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PRIA requires that a hiring air carrier under 14 CFR parts 121 and 135, or a hiring air operator under 14 CFR part 125, request, receive, and evaluate certain information concerning a pilot/applicant’s training, experience, qualification, and safety background, before allowing that individual to begin service as a pilot with their company.

COMING SOON: FAA Pilot Records Database (PRD) Proxy Access Request in Process.  We Will Soon Be Authorized to Act on Your Behalf to Verify Pilot Records. 


What We Do And Why

Pilot Records Improvement Act of 1996 (PRIA)

​​PRIA Processors acts as a Designated Agent (DA) on behalf of Air Carriers operating under 14 CFR Parts 121 or 135, Air Operators under 14 CFR Part 125  and Individuals to assist with the compliance of procuring Airman Records for varying purposes

Acting as a DA, we are required under Public Law 49 USC 44703 (h) (i) (j) and Advisory Circular 120-68 to follow procedures on behalf of Airman and our Customers.  PRIA instructions for the DA position state “you must become subject experts in the requirements set out in the statutes”

Our job # 1 is to request, receive, assemble and forward PRIA records to our customers in a timely manner, providing compliance and value.